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Fractional Chief Diversity Officer

Audacious DEI Leadership and Counsel

Hi, I’m Amberly! I help my clients meet the global demands of business and address the challenges that come along with changing demographics, differing points of view, and workplace fairness.


DEI expertise without the cost of a full-time Chief Diversity Officer

Strategically prepare for the future with sustainable business models that "do well by doing good".


Do it by yourself

DEI Courses & Templates

I believe that access is one of the greatest vehicles for equity and therefore learning more about yourself and others should be affordable. Find what you need in my library of courses, resources and templates to increase your cultural competency, manage your DEI work and support your teams without breaking your bank.



Do it With Me

DEI VIP Days & Educational Talks

The effectiveness of your business, and ultimately your profits, is only as great as your weakest team member. Let me help you design and implement a strategic plan for creating an inclusive, equitable and sustainable culture and work environment. I don’t believe in one-and-done workshops or cookie cutter plans. Know that I’m here for the deliberate development of your people with whatever it is that you need, whether it be inclusive hiring, onboarding, bias and compliance training, or policy updates. I’ll even help you navigate any crucial conversations.


Let Me Do It For You

DEI Project & Diverse Team Management

Let’s face it! There’s only so many hours in a day and you can’t get ahead playing every role in your business. Let me be your right-hand gal. Sometimes you just need a task done, a system setup or a meeting ran without you. I provide a variety of done-for-you services to help you launch, operate and scale your global business. Let me take something off of your plate today.

Kind Words From Past Clients

“I am a walking testament to not only the knowledge she has but also the motivation and patience she has with her clients. If you are hesitant, just link with Ambi! I promise it will be worth it.” - Tiffany

My Vision

I am working to create a world where there is no need for justice.

Play Your Card: The Podcast

A Fractional Chief Diversity Officer’s weekly rapid-fire musings on equity in the workplace. New episodes are published every week.

Hello, I'm Amberly!

Like superheroes, every online business owner needs a techie sidekick... I'm your "girl in the chair" with a DEI Lens.

With more than 20 years of doing freelance work, I’ve learned every possible way to help an online business with multicultural marketing.

I am a Certified Digital Business Manager with extensive knowledge in project management, remote team management, women’s entrepreneurship, social media management and systems and operations management.

Coupled with a background of 20 years in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, I’ve been able to curate intercultural conversations, launch large-scale DEI projects, manage remote teams and handle systems and operations for government and public sector organizations. Now, I can’t wait to help you do it, too!



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Cultural Competency Training & Coaching

Digital Business Management

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Platform to Justice

Platform to Justice is a training program designed to equip social justice foundations with the crucial training, mentorship, knowledge, and skills needed to acquire more funding. There is a new live class every week.

My Popular Blog Posts

Everything you want to know about Equity in the Workplace, Multicultural Marketing Strategy, and Global Community Impact. 


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