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About the Book

In Advance Your Legacy, Amberly shares her personal journey through life, how she tapped into her power and started living everyday more generously and unapologetic. The power broker and cultural influencer has penned her girls’ guide on how to carry forth accomplishments, beliefs and values for generations to come.  She demonstrates, through her stories of success and failure, how to leverage influence to change people’s thoughts and behavior with 5 strategic power moves.

Chapter Breakdown

Preface: If You Can’t Be the Sun, Be a Star!​ | The importance of pushing through fear of the unknown to honor our ancestors and pave the way for those behind us.

Chapter 1: Decide How You Want To Be Remembered​ | If you are feeling lost or confused about your purpose in life, this chapter will challenge you to think about how you can use your talents, treasures and time to serve others around you.

Chapter 2: Develop Your Personal Brand | What do you want people to come to you for? This chapter confronts the many ways society dictates who we are or where we should be going. Amberly shares how living a life of authenticity has brought her freedom. Read this chapter to discover ways to be you and find your own way.

Chapter 3: Attract Your Tribe | You may already be tagging photos of you and your friends with #SquadGoals, but this chapter teaches you how to build and manage a tribe with 3 types of people who will support your dreams.

Chapter 4: Understand Sometimes It Snows In April | Have you ever been blindsided by a break-up or an ended friendship?  Have you fallen off the wagon while trying to lose weight? This chapter addresses ways you can deal with disappointment and tells you exactly how to bounce back from failure faster.

Chapter 5: Adjust Your Attitude About Failure | This chapter empowers you to think differently about your mistakes so that you can market them as lessons learned and preserve the legacy of your personal brand.

My Personal Plan Of Action: A guided journal for tracking your personal lifestyle, girlfriend group and business goals.

Who is this book for?

My book avatar is an 18 – 24 year old Black woman who is a college student or recent grad looking for a leadership development or help with personal branding.  She is self aware and uses technology and her education as a platform for difficult dialogues on the intersection of race, gender and class identity. She is seeking a guide for achieving new goals and efficient ways to manage her own life and relationships while she advance in her career and advocates for the needs of her community.​ If you can relate, this book is for you!

With the saturation of negative stereotypes and myths about Black women in the media, the Advance Your Legacy book will be a fresh perspective for readers.  

Truth is Black women are beating out ALL other groups, no matter the race or gender, when it comes to overall college enrollment.​ (Danielle​​​)

Half of all Black women ages 18-24 are pursuing higher degrees.​​​

According to the data, 9.7 percent of Black women are enrolled in college.​

Mainstream media has little coverage on the progress in Black women’s achievements and lacks in its representation of the variety of differences of Black women in general.  The educated Black women has very few resources that she can identify with because Black women simply aren’t asked to share their experiences and the few that have seldom are highlighted in mainstream media.

“More than 38,000 journalists work at 1,400 US newspapers, but only 4,700 are minorities. That is an average of three non-white journalists per newsroom, according to the most recent survey of American Society of News Editors. ​” (Michael A Deas​​)

As a way to address this need for more diversity in the media and in an effort to change the conversation in a way that centers Blackness, a collective of active, primarily African-American Twitter users who have created a virtual community​ known as Black twitter.  

Black Twitter is influencing Pop Culture and galvanizing activist movements.

And with popular hashtags like #YouOKSis and #BringBackOurGirls becoming recognized all over the world, it’s impossible to ignore how Black Twitter has been able to affect change and raise awareness.​ (Stereo Williams​)

My work as a Student Diversity Affairs professional and family background as the cousin of Emmett Till, has allowed me to influence young Black women about personal branding for leadership and success in their own lives with my 5 strategic power moves.


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Advance Your Legacy is different from the above titles because Amberly’s life experiences  are unique to her background as a sheltered and over-protected Black girl from the South Suburbs of Chicago influenced by the historical lineage of Emmett Till and his loving mother Mamie Till Mobley.  Amberly became a power broker in the movement for Black lives by launching her career and her own brand around empowering college students in Upstate New York to create the freedom she wanted in her life and for those who follow her.

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About the​

From birth, her family’s ties to America’s greatest stain on justice placed her at the heart of a movement for Black lives. 60 years ago, two men kidnapped and murdered Amberly’s cousin, Emmett Till.  Amberly’s life experiences are unique to her background as a sheltered and overprotected Black girl from the South Suburbs of Chicago influenced by the historical lineage of Emmett Till and his loving mother Mamie Till Mobley.  Amberly became a power broker in the movement for Black lives by launching her career and her own brand around empowering college students in Upstate New York to create the freedom she wanted in her life and for those who follow her.

Amberly has been featured/published in The New York Times, The Beautiful Projects’ #DearBlackGirl​ campaign, Roll Out Magazine, Colorlines​, Truthout​, Towards Freedom​ and the Illinois Times​. She is a former contributor with The Call & Post Newspaper, Fashion For a Cure, Blushing Ambers, FaithFitBeauty, Essence.com​​ and Diverse Issues in Higher Education.​​

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Hear from the Readers

Reading this has helped me realize that no matter what you go through you must constantly ask yourself, how do I want to be remembered? This book serves as a guide for you to determine what life you want to live and assures you that you are capable of creating the life that you want! – Adanna

I felt a sense of liberation and empowerment.  As women, we are often neglected or pushed to the side but this book gives vital steps that are needed to defy these odds and advance your legacy! This book is an easy read that teaches the reader how to build their own legacy and create a change around them! – Lizzy

I woke up this morning and read a little bit of Advance Your Legacy and felt strength. I realized as women, we will hit rock bottom and it will be hard for us to get back up, but we can and we will. I also realized the importance of having a support system and being surrounded by love. But above all, I was reminded of the significance of doing or creating something that serves others even after you leave this world. Power Moves Only! – Francesca


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