Today is not business as usual, as there was a lot going on in the world. So I’m not sharing a regular newsletter/podcast episode. This one feels necessary to share out of turn though. I need to get this out and this vehicle feels most real and most authentic right now. By the look of my social media feeds, many of us are still deeply in thought about the huge impact Harry Belafonte has had on our nation’s history, Black culture, and his influence as an actor, a singer and an activist. His contributions will never be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. News of his passing stopped me in my tracks two days ago, but then news broke today that Carolyn Bryant, my cousin Emmett Till’s accuser has passed, at the age of 88.

I’ll be honest and say, I have been emotionally drained due to reasons that I am unable to disclose at this time (hopefully in a future episode, I’ll be able to share more). So this feels a lot like whiplash. I’m stunned for the 3rd time this week. I’m caught off guard and quite frankly, I wasn’t able to put into words all that I was feeling when I first heard the news a few hours ago… So, I thought it best to jot down what thoughts came to me throughout the day.

1. First and foremost, I sending my prayers for the comfort of anyone who has lost a loved one in her passing.

2. America has failed us. Not because Emmett’s killers never served a minute of prison time… Historically a prison sentence has never served anyone who has died at the hands of hate any justice. Black people’s lives are still treated as if they don’t matter in our schools, at our jobs and in our neighborhoods. So know that it’s not too late for justice… Reimagined. And we need that.

3. 88 years is not really that long, but it’s 74 more years than my cousin Emmett got on Earth with our family. More than anything, I’m sad his mother was robbed of that time.

4. The Bible teaches forgiveness and Mamie’s message was one of forgiveness. Those are 2 facts, and for me, a daily decision as a Christian – my most salient identity. I also don’t believe I owe anyone my reconciliation. That’s my truth. So please stop asking if I forgive her… That’s the wrong question.

5. This is still Mamie and Emmett’s life story in real-time. It involves real people. Real lives that are still living on without them. It is still a dangerous world for Black people. That’s why I’m still carrying the baton for justice and fighting for equitable systems. Don’t lose your zeal to fight for justice because racism is still alive and real, it certainly did not die with Carolyn Bryant. My big ask this week is that you don’t let hate win! Not now, not ever!

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