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Platform to Justice: The Media's Impact on Justice in America

It was the sight of Emmett Till’s brutalized body on the cover of Jet Magazine that caused an uprising. Dylann Roof credits his “Racial Awakening” to a search for “black on white” crime. Let’s discuss how search engines like Google, platforms like Facebook and popular media outlets influence the racial climate in America.

Envisioning a Whole New World: Anti-Racist Leadership Training for Sparking Change in Campus Culture

This training dives deeply into how systemic racism impacts various communities on a college campus. In this training, Amberly creates space for college leadership to look at policies and practices in all sectors of the university that have long supported structural racism and that perpetuate injustice. Participants set anti-racism goals for themselves, their departments, and together develop an action plan to create buy-in for campus culture transformation. 

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