Results 1: Develop a DEI Strategy

Conduct a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) assessment to understand your organization’s current state. This assessment should identify areas where your organization is doing well, as well as areas where there is room for improvement.

Develop a DEI vision and mission statement. This statement should articulate your organization’s commitment to DEI and its goals for the future.

Create a DEI action plan. This plan should outline specific steps that your organization will take to achieve its DEI goals.

Implement the DEI action plan. This includes allocating resources, setting timelines, and tracking progress.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your DEI strategy. This includes collecting data, analyzing results, and making adjustments as needed.

Here are some additional tips for developing a successful DEI strategy:

Get buy-in from senior leadership. DEI efforts are more likely to be successful if they have the support of top management.

Make DEI a priority. DEI should be an ongoing focus of your organization, not just a one-time initiative.

Communicate regularly with employees. Keep employees informed about your DEI efforts and progress.

Celebrate successes. Recognize and reward employees for their contributions to DEI.

Be patient. DEI is a long-term journey, not a quick fix.


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